Friday, June 11, 2010

The Bellin Run 2010

Tomorrow is the Bellin 10k run/walk.  I'm excited because I have family coming to town to visit and participate in the big event.  Pete and Carla with their littles, Lindsay my soon-to-be-wed daughter, my cousin and aunt are planning to come, my soon-to-depart-for-2-years-in-the-Peace-Corp daughter is here, Harry is home (yay!),  my son & his wife who I thankfully get to see on a regular basis are going to be in it,  lots of friends from the running club and church, you get the idea.  A very "social" event for this social butterfly.

I think what has me the most pumped though is my friend from church, Amy and my daughter Lindsay.

Amy started  walking in January with a goal of finishing the Bellin.  I know she's had "life" challenge her training regimen (dad undergoing chemo, challenges at work, 2 littles & a hubby to care for) but she is registered and plans to walk it.  I promised that after I finish running it, I'm going to find her and finish with her.

Lindsay signed up to walk the Bellin last year and ended up running the whole thing including a little puking at the end (of which she is very proud.)  She's been working out, biking, running, dancing this past year and has improved her fitness level and her time incredibly.  I'm excited for her and hope she has a great run tomorrow.  She's going to rock the Bellin!

They both inspire me and I am so very proud of them.    

Go Amy!  Go Lindsay!  You can do it!