Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pivotal time in life?

I know that most of my posts are about exercise, food, motivation, etc. and I don't often get into a lot of my personal life, but this week seems to have become a very pivotal time in my life so I feel compelled to write about it.  I knew all these events were coming and yet, I didn't realize until today how important they all really are.  

My oldest daughter, Lindsay, and her wonderful guy,  Andrew, got married on Saturday and it was beautiful and touching.  My son, Erich officiated and did a wonderful job.  Everything went smoothly with no problems on any front.  It was great, even the weather at this outdoor wedding in the park.  I am so very happy for them.

My youngest child, Kari, left Tuesday morning for Honduras.  She is so brave and amazingly adventuresome.  I admire that in her and wish I was stronger in that trait.  Who knows, perhaps I will become more so. 

My oldest child, Erich and his wife, KT, bought a house and had the closing this week.  They are now officially homeowners and as Erich puts it, "able to make the rules."  He grew up hearing, "When you live in our house you live by our rules; when you have your own house you get to make the rules."  He has proudly pointed out that now he (and KT) get to make the rules.  Ha!  I love that guy.

Wow what a week!  I've always considered that my job was to prepare my children for the future, to get them ready to leave home, and to live on their own.  They have been taking steps toward that all along and now, wow.  Huge steps for all of them and all within a four day window of time.

Now I plan to start focusing on new goals for me.  What will they be?

  • Spanish classes finally?  I've talked about becoming fluent for so long I'm sure no one will ever believe this one.  
  • Re-working a tight budget to travel to Honduras soon?
  • Start training for a fall marathon?  Do I want to do another full marathon or are half marathons a better fit?
  • I certainly have things like picture albums, etc. that I could do.  But I don't hear them calling me just yet.  

Hmmmmmm.  Seems it wasn't so long ago that I was thinking, "when I have time I want to..." and now I have time and none of the those things sound appealing any longer.  But I haven't decided just yet what DOES sound appealing.  Any suggestions?

Seems this is a pivotal week and I need to do some deep thinking.


lindsay said...

set some good goals, momma!

Katie said...

maybe time is good just for some deliberate thinking :-)

carla said...

I wish you wonderful things to do with your time. I often both fear and look forward to the "when I have the time" time for myself as well. love you.

Kari said...

Spanish classes!

Pooja Roy said...

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